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Piega has over 25 years of experience in the dental field
The past 13 years she has worked exclusively with practice
Valuations and Practice Transitions. (Formerly with The Knutzen Group)

Her background includes working with practices in Washington, Idaho, Montana as well as on the East coast, conducting seminars in Dental Practice Management, study club presentations, and team building for individual practices. Her practice management experience has been instrumental in understanding and orchestrating the practice transition process.

She is dedicated to "finding the right fit" which includes effectively
communicating with Seller, buyers, and all of the professionals who
collectively create a successful practice transition.

"I would enjoy the opportunity to discuss with you ALL of your choices when the time comes for you to consider a practice transition"



"Piega Delaney worked with me in transitioning my practice. I found her to be trustworthy, reliable and inspired confidence in getting the job done. She followed through with every aspect to complete a smooth transition. I feel very comfortable recommending her for your practice transition."

Bertha Barriga

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"I attempted to sell my practice without the assistance of a transition consultant/broker. After countless hours of on-on-one conversation, sharing many practice and financial secrets and a week before closing, the prospective buyer got cold feet and left. After this experience, I vowed never again to attempt this alone and begun my interview process for a prospective broker.

The first two well-known brokers with whom I spoke, lacked the appreciation for my concern of confidentiality. For them, it was just selling a practice and not my legacy that took me 30 years to create; it was only about the sale and not about their relationship with me. I felt there wouldn't be any guidance from them on handling the delicate situation of my relationship with my patients and staff (family) when it came time to share with them of my plans to sell the practice. My third interview was with Piega Delaney and it was here that I found my match.

The confidence and organizational structure she brought to the table at our first meeting demonstrated an insight that could only be brought about by her many years of service in the dental arena. Her sensitivity regarding my confidentiality concern was addressed with more importance than her ability to "sell the practice." The implementation of her suggestions regarding the physical improvement of the office such as general colors and strategic placement of furniture gave great dividends.

Piega's appraisal of the practice value was similar to that of other appraisers as well as my CPA. She thoroughly interviewed and evaluated prospective buyers prior to allowing them to speak with me and not only succeeded in bringing two offers at full asking price, but also with financing for the purchaser. The entire process was very smooth for me. Although I was not made aware of the hard work Piega had done, I know it was significant.

It is my pleasure to recommend Piega Delaney, a knowledgeable, efficient and sensitive Transitions Expert who knows how to give results."

Michael LaMarche, DDS

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"Piega is very experienced, and it is apparent at every level, before,
during and after the sale. She is very aware of the issues facing the
buyer, seller, staff and patients and works hard to resolve them.
She is very professional and you can be sure you are well represented!
I recommend her highly."

Dr. Mel Trenor, Everett

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"Transitioning a practice involves many small and a few large decisions.
Piega is thoroughly experienced in helping with these. Moreover, Piega is
wonderful in helping the staff through this process."

Dr. Jan Diepenheim, Seattle

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"I've been through three practice transitions in my career, and my experience with Piega was by far the best. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services to any dentist seeking to buy or sell a practice."

Dr. Michael Hrankowski, Edmonds

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"I couldn't be happier with the work that Piega did to make the transfer
successful. Both parties were very satisfied!"

Dr. Jerry Raphael, Everett

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"It was a real pleasure to work with Piega Delaney in the sale of my dental practice. She is very knowledgeable, energetic, and compassionate about dental transitions, and worked well with the legal and financial teams necessary to complete this transaction. The complete sale process went very smoothly"

James D. Weaver DDS






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